Everything Rhymes With Alcohol

a few scribbles

Posted on: October 15, 2010

I asked her the usual emo, navel gazing questions.

“Why not me? What’s so wrong? Why am I not enough? Have I done wrong? Why am I treated like just another worthless, untrustable stranger?”

She was completely done with my interrogation and refused to engage my mood. Whipping around, short hair in sharp angles, finger poked deep into my chest she seared these words,

“Because this way lies agony. ‘Glow’ will not cover up your perfume of sadness and no one wants to get entangled with that.”

That was it.

It’s a–um, what do they say?  Watershed moment? I’d never seen water shed..But this was more than just the splitting of a stream.

Time seemed to slow, but my thoughts swirled and sunk with the ferocity of a whirlpool. When I finally beached, I was in Oz. It was more like that. The moment Dorothy opens the door and the world goes from dull grays to brilliant saturated multi-colored wonder. That’s what this was.

A complete shift in time & space via F5 tornado.

It was only because I could now see the brilliance of the world before me that I could now turn around and see the drab that had been. There was furniture in there. Dust on table tops, refuse in the bin, and imprints on the sofa.  Undoubtedly lived-in.

You can only live in a place you feel comfortable. No one ever makes a hotel room into a home.

Even now I could feel the pull. The grays where comforting against the brilliance before me, almost lulling.

I will never grow if I don’t get out, if I don’t let go.


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