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The Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Known

Posted on: July 14, 2009

was like a kiss on the collarbone

I had a very sweet dream.

It was set in a high school. I was a girl, 16.  Long wavy hair, shy, bookish w/glasses, but I liked to smile.

Homeroom, at the end of the school day. I was speaking with some friend of mine. They’re teasing me about this guy I like who shares our homeroom. My speech is (typical!) caught in my chords so I just smile about him. A friend looks behind to the side and gestures with her eyes that he’s coming  closer.

I suddenly find myself obsessed with my hands & fingernails. This one needs filing..that one has dirt underneath..would you look at that! A corner of paint there! He sits in desk across from me & is (as usual) effortlessly beautiful.  Where do guys get off having such long lashes like that? Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin.

He’s being very nice. Asking questions about me. Smiling. Then he starts playing with my glasses, taking them off like he wants to try them on himself. I’m incredibly elated by the close contact, but I keep pulling my glasses back on. I want to be able to see him in sharp relief, not fuzzy imperfection.

Now we’re laughing about it and he’s really close to me.  His fingertips on my frames, eyes inches from mine and his kisses me. Two soft pecks followed up by a slower, sweet (church) kiss.

How sad that all things come to and end

But the dream had me going all day. I could literally feel his lips on mine. Which is odd b/c I rarely have such vivid dreams.


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